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Do you remember the last time you bought a mattress?  Not fun?  Sales people swooping down on you like a flock of chickens at feeding time.  The “sales pitch” that’s so high pressure that car dealers were green with envy?  We thought so.  And we can’t stand it.  It’s wrong.  It’s not nice.  It’s downright disrespectful.  Especially since what you really want is a good quality mattress that’ll give you the perfect nights sleep.  And, it should be simple.

At Dutch Kountry Market mattress buying is simple.  You only need to know a couple things.  And then we’ll guide you to a couple mattresses to check out so you can see and feel for yourself.  Lay down on a couple.  Get in your favorite sleep position (on your back, on your side, all curled up) and without the high pressure gabby sales person.

American Made mattresses with the right support, motion isolation, firmness/softness, in a variety of profiles to give you that perfect nights sleep.


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American Made Mattresses for the Perfect Nights Sleep at Dutch Kountry Market

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