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Missouri Amish and Mennonite homemakers have long bought in bulk and and for good reason. With such large families a typical 2-pound bag of sugar isn’t going to going go very far. Even 5lb bags of All Purpose flour arn’t enough. So, historically, Amish and Mennonite homemakers have bought to bulk to create an economy of scale for their large families.

To a large degree the tradition has continued to this day, now what has also happened is that the old Amish traditions are being embraced in America with the Sam’s Club and Costco’s crowd. Which has made the Amish bulk food store popular not just with Amish people but with non-Amish as well. Add to that the long tradition of the Country Store in Missouri and, well, we’re the best example of that. Dutch Kountry Market is Missouri’s Country Store!

From Amish made yard furniture, locally farm baked breads, a wide variety of the tastiest fruit preserves, jams, and jellies to our expansive variety of specialty flours, the Dutch Kountry Market is the Country Store you will love coming to again, and again.

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