Something Unique About Country Store Shopping Dad’s

Something Unique About Country Store Shopping Dad’s

We know alot about our customers here at Missouri’s General Store….   And, there’s something unique about the men.  Especially the fathers who come in with their families.  They fall into two categories.  Those that are involved with the cooking in their households.  And, those that go straight to the furniture and leave the food selections up to their partners and kids.

Now, some would think that that’s entirely normal.  Others would think it’s odd.  But, we’ve noticed something.  In both ways the Father’s are looking out for their family.

The one’s all involved with the food are obviously interested in good healthy food that tastes good.  For their kids, their spouse, etc.  And, more often than not, they do some cooking too.  They’re looking out for their family.  It’s what father’s do.

The one’s that stroll thru the furniture and accessories are looking out for their family too.  Some are comparing prices and planning on how to get that white and pink bedroom set for their daughter when it’s time for her to move up from the toddler bed.  Others are pricing things out and figuring out how to help their son who’s soon off to college.  Or, they’re actively looking for a sofa, dining room table and chairs, or other item to make their home life a little better.

In all cases it’s always about the family.  And, making their family’s life a little better.  Whether thru our vast array of bulk foods and spices or our furniture departments.  They care about their home life.  Their spouse.  Their children.  Some are more vocal and animated.  Some, less so (most of the time, less so).  But, it’s always about family.

When they talk about their wife and children their eyes lite up.  How “little johnny” is doing in school.  How “little sally” is crushing it on the vollyball team.  They talk about everyone but themselves.  It’s what father’s do.

And, on Father’s Day…  We want to let the Dad’s among us know that we’ve been watching over the decades here at Dutch Kountry Market.  And we see it in your actions, in your eyes, hear it in your voice, and see it by your actions.  Your a Dad that loves his family and is doing his best.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad…