The Philosophy of Mothers and Pancakes

The Philosophy of Mothers and Pancakes

Pancakes…  Nothing beats a good stack of pancakes for breakfast.  With real butter and maple syrup.  Then the argument goes on in my head as I start to prepare the batter.  Thin or Thick.  Big, medium, or silver-dollar.  It’s a quandry that I come by quite naturally.  I blame it on all the Mothers in my life (it is Mothers Day tomorrow).  It’s all their fault.

One of my Grandmothers made pancakes the size of the cast iron skillet she used every day.  A 14″ beauty of smooth as glass, jet black, seasoned goodness.  The pancakes wern’t too thin and the size of the plate.  I could eat five of them.  And, she never made fewer than about 100 of them because when she decided to make pancakes it usually meant it was calving season and everyone was at the farm to lend a hand.

My other Grandmother made thick pancakes.  Never more than about 5 inches around and fluffy as all get out.  With clear corn syrup and real butter.  I could eat five of those too.  They were campers who would go on fishing and camping trips often.  First in a trailer, then an RV.  Coming back from fishing to the smell of Grandma making pancakes on a Coleman Stove outside was heaven.

Mother rode the fence a little.  7″ medium thick and she put butter in the batter.  She made the syrup with maple flavoring, sugar, water, and dark corn syrup.  I could eat a whole pile of those too.  We didn’t have pancakes often.  Always on a Saturday.  Never during the times when we would go out to the family farm (much too early when we would head out).  It was always something special.

Which comes to what kind of pancakes am I going to make for the wife and kids this morning…  I do know I’m going to use a mix of 1/3 bread flour and 2/3 all-purpose to get a loftier pancake that won’t just fall apart.  I always add melted butter to the batter (thanks Mom) and today I think I’m going to make that batter a little thinner.  Just enough to keep the pancakes slightly thinner w/o becoming the size of the plates.  Can stack more of them that way.  With real Amish Roll Butter and Dark Strong Real Maple Syrup.  While I think of all the times we would gather around the table together as a family and have pancakes for breakfast.  Either at home, at the farm, or out on a camping trip.

Funny thing, making pancakes, or any meal.  I always think of the Mothers in my life.  Grandmothers, Great Grandma, Mom…  They each did things their way and no matter what it was always good.

Happy Mothers Day!