Spring is Here and all about Food and Furniture

I’m up early this Saturday morning…  There’s an owl hooting not too far from the house and it’s quiet outside with just enough cool in the air but yet warm enough to know that when the sun comes up I’ll walk past a huge patch of jonquils blooming on the way out to the barn.  It’s a good thought over my coffee this morning.  Looking forward to doing the same things as alot of people do.  Getting into Spring, and all the rites of Spring.  Things that make us all unique, but the same.  And, although you most likely know this, for us it’s all about the Food and Furniture.

It is for you too, if you think about it.  Time for a good Spring Cleaning.  Getting rid of a little clutter that’s built up over the harsh winter around the house.  Cleaning things up a little.  Maybe getting the windows open for a couple hours and airing things out before the pollen season really takes over.  Starting to clear out the pantry and fridge and replace the old with the new for a good Easter meal with friends and family in a couple weeks.  Cleaning up the furniture with a good dusting and wipe down.

Just like alot of other people are doing.  To one degree or another everybody has their own version of Spring Cleaning.  And their own recipies to bring out and prepare that reminds them of home, and family history.  But, just as your house is different than mine, with different furniture, cooking different food, it’s the same for us both.  Food and Furniture.  Which we think about alot here at the Dutch Kountry Market.  Myopic, I know.  But, it all fits together, food and furniture.  And being Missouri’s Country Store we tend to think about the connections between all of us.  What makes us the same, and unique.

Which is a good thing.  Something we can all relate to.  Swap recipies.  Pass on a little gathered knowledge of the difference in using raw sugar or lite brown sugar on that glazed ham.  That trick you have for getting that water ring on the side table next to your recliner out.  Taking stock and deciding to replace that old mattress, or looking to see that you have everything you need for your homade BBQ Sauce recipie your gonna whip up before firing up the grill for the first time this Spring.  In the end, Spring has a lot to do with Food and Furniture.  And Friends and Family.

We kinda like that thought this morning.  I think I’m gonna go start getting things together here this morning.  Today might be a good day to figure out Easter Dinner recipies and sort thru the pantry before going out and enjoying some good weather.