Furniture Shouldn’t Be Fussy – or Pricey!

Furniture Shouldn't Be Fussy
Non Fussy Furniture at Missouri’s country Store, the Dutch Kountry Market

Fancy pictures of the rooms in houses are always the same.  Kinda sterile.  Kinda one colored.  Kinda has you thinking “who could ever keep a room that tidy”?  “They’ve gotta spend no time in that room at all”.  Or, “why is everything always totally white”?  Well, here’s your answer, and what we think about it.

Simple really…  those “perfect rooms” are all for show.  Really…  Who would live in a house where you can’t sit on the furniture, lay a magazine on a table, or have a big bowl of popcorn while watching a movie on the TV?  It’s all so “fussy”.  It doesn’t get any better when you see decorating tv shows or magazine articles, or websites about home decor.  Everything is either totally structured to the point you think your going to need a slide-rule, a scientific calculator, or a staff of Phd’s to re arrange your living room.  Or, they act like everything has to be “so perfect”, but never tell you what it is you need to do.

It’s frustrating.  It’s aggravating.  It’s just plain wrong.  All they really want to do is get your attention and then get you looking for all new furniture at their biggest advertiser.

Here at Dutch Kountry Market, we’re not like that.  We know that your lamps don’t have to be a perfect match, that you can have a couple different colors, and that you are the one that has to be happy.  Not a TV star, DIY host, not a magazine writer.  You live there, it’s your space.  And, if you want to be fussy…  Go right ahead.

Missouri’s Country Store is for people that simply want to live well without all the fuss.  Real value in enough variety that you can pick what works for you.  Not what a magazine or TV show, or Web series tells you that you have to do.  Furniture doesn’t have to be fussy.  It does have to be comfortable, functional, and useable.  And at a price that makes sense (Missouri sense, not California or New York where they think a $5,000 recliner is a bargain).  Real value is furniture that earns it’s keep by working for you.

Well, enough of a rant this week (can you tell I saw a TV decorating show and got all worked up)?  The point is that as long as your happy, we’re happy.  And your the one that needs to ultimately decide what works for you.  Come on in, we’ve got the variety at real Missouri Values so you can have furniture you can be proud over…  not fuss over.