Spring Baking Sprinkles

Spring Baking Sprinkles

The official beginning of Spring happened a couple days ago.  Snow is hopefully behind us and frosty windshields will soon be a thing of the past.  The sun is out. The grass is getting green and the Missouri Jonquils will begin to bloom pretty soon.  The weather has me thinking of Easter! There is something a little extra special about the colors of spring. They are bright, beautiful and bold and even soft pastels look full of life. Pastels are kind’ve my personal favorite for cake and cookie decorating (and my kids are all into the bolder, brighter, colors).

And it’s time to get organized for a ton of Easter baking.  Cupcakes for school parties.  Cakes for Easter get togethers.  And in my family, more than a few spring birthdays.  Which means sprinkles.  Lots, and lots, of sprinkles (also known as jimmies) on cakes, cookies, brownies, donuts, or anything frosted.  Heck, even on the whipped cream on top of a fresh baked pie!

Have you seen the price of sprinkles at the chain grocery stores?  “The Big Blue Box” store’s in-house, private label, brand sells them for around $16 a pound!  Outrageous!  And the bottles are kinda handy.  But you’ve got to buy a whole shopping cart of them if you make more than a few cupcakes.  There’s got to be a better way.  And, since your reading a Dutch Kountry Market blog, you know we have the answer to this dilemma.

Bulk Sprinkles.  In tons of colors and sizes that make sense.  Bright primary colors, soft pastels, colorful mixes in traditional and not so traditional shapes like butterfly’s and flowers.  Sanding sugar’s too (colored larger crystal sugar you sprinkle on as a colorful base or accent).  Even chocolate sprinkles (oh, you have to try these on homade ice cream).

So, drop in and grab all the sprinkles you need…  sized big enough to get the job done and priced like only Missouri’s Country Store, the Dutch Kountry Market, can do (around half the price of the “big blue box” store).  Save some money and get that Easter baking looking extra good.  You’ll be glad you did!