Picking the Perfect Kitchen Table

Here at Dutch Kountry Market we sell alot of Kitchen Tables and Dining Room Sets.  So, we hear the questions everyone asks and also the questions we ask that most don’t have an answer for.  So, since we’re Missouri’s Country Store we applied a little good old fashioned “Show-Me State” logic and came up with how to pick the perfect kitchen table or dining room set.

How Big is the Room?

This is the most important thing.  Nobody likes a table that’s too small.  And a table that’s too big will crowd the room and make it tough to get around.  So, take a minute or two to size up where your gonna put your new Dutch Kountry Market kitchen table and chairs.  Being within a foot in either direction is close enough.  Do you want a small table that will fit in your kitchen? Find one that won’t crowd your small space. But, if you have lots of people over for family get togethers, etc. a big farm table may be what you need in your dining room.  Apartment’s usually need smaller tables.  And Condo’s or a duplex can become a real guessing game.  Take a minute or two and measure what space is available for your own needs.  We’ll help you find the perfect size and shape kitchen table.

Square, Oval, or Round

Square and rectangular tables are the norm. It’s easy to see how many chairs you can fit around your new table. Oval and Round kitchen tables get rid of the corners, so you actually have more room for chairs (and food).

How Many Chairs

Is your family growing? Are you retired and only have family or company over infrequently?  Do you have lots of people over regularly?  Knowing how many people will be at your new dining set on a daily basis is good.  Knowing how many people will be over for holidays and entertaining is even more important.  Depending on how often you entertain you might be happy with the exact number of chairs needed regularly. If you have big family gatherings more than a couple times a year you may consider buying a extra chairs. A kitchen table and chairs is integral to having a good time at a family gathering.  We can help you determine what the perfect number of chairs is for your family.

Need a Leaf

There are fixed size tables and tables that you can insert a leaf, or two, or even three into to make it grow and shrink depending on how you use it.  The ultimate in flexibility and really handy when your canning fruit, doing an art project, or having company over for a special meal.

So, it’s pretty simple.  How much space is available, how you’ll use your new dining room set, how many chairs you’ll need and the shape of that new kitchen table can narrow down the choices to only those that’ll be perfect.  And just like you expect, Dutch Kountry Market has all kinds of kitchen table and chair sets in an array of shapes and capabilities all at a value that’ll have you telling your friends how cheap it was to get that gorgeous new look (without the furniture being cheaply made).