Advantage to Country Store Shopping

Have you ever walked out of the grocery store and said to yourself “I wonder what’s in that stuff I bought”?  We have too.  And when you go to the “Club Store” it just seems that a 10lb log of cheese is too much.  Or that 24 pack of canned okra?  If your a regular shopper at a true Country Store like Dutch Kountry Market you can count on all the advantage of buying in bulk without the waste of a “Warehouse Club” or the mystery of factory food.

We put together a little list of why shopping at Dutch Kountry Market is better.

  • Less Waste – No fancy packaging or high waste items here.  Just the best in bulk foods with a minimum of frills.  It costs less and you take home what you need.
  • More Local – Some things have to come from far away (particularly spices).  But a large amount of what we sell comes from right here in Missouri.  Jams, Jellies, and Preserves, for example.  And our local raw honey.  Farm Baked Country Bread, rolls, and pies.  Alot of our furniture comes from close by too!  Less long distance hauling means lower prices so you save more.
  • Just the Right Amount – Just cause we sell bulk doesn’t mean we package things where you have alot of leftovers and spoilage.  We make sure to have the best value in sizes that make sense.  This cuts down on waste right in your own home.  Saving you even more money.
  • Massive Variety – We have over 10 kinds of flours, 4 or more kinds of oats, dozens of types of baking sprinkles, many kinds of baking yeasts, and it goes on and on and on.  So you can get the things you truly want without having to substitute at true value.  It’s always temping to say you get things cheaper.  But really, you just get better goods at a lower price.  That’s Value!

So, when you come to Dutch Kountry Market it’s worth the trip.  Get what you need, at a price that makes sense, in sizes that saves money.